Dec. 10, 2020
ByteDance Said to Explore Three New Businesses in 2021
BEIJING, December 9 (TMTPOST)— In 2021, ByteDance, the parent of TikTok and other popular social media apps, will focus on exploring three new businesses—cross-border e-commerce, B2B services and Lark Phone, a package of office hardwares abbreviated as LKP, according to Chinese media outlet LatePost’s report on Wednesday, citing the company’s CEO Zhang Yiming recently sharing with employees. Comparing three other key businesses ByteDance previously set to make effort in 2021, these three divisions are all in early stage and not considered as the top priorities, but the company deems them as potential growth points beyond content ecosystem, the report noted. It is reported that ByteDance’s cross-border e-commerce business consists of Magellan XYZ, an export-oriented project named after Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, and Fuxiang Haigou, an import-focused project serving Chinese consumers. The B2B business will be mainly built on Feishu, a Google-like suite of office collaboration tools, and Volcano Engine, an enterprise cloud service launched in June. LKP includes Smartisan OS-powered smartphone Jianguo and the display TNT Go, which were developed by the hardware project New Stone Lab and released in October.
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