Jul. 10, 2024
China's Edible Oil Supplier Under Scrutiny for Alleged Misuse of Tanker Trucks
TMTPOST--A recent report has sparked widespread concern after it was revealed that some tanker trucks, which had previously transported coal-derived oil, were used to carry edible oil without proper cleaning. This incident has drawn significant attention, particularly concerning the supplier companies involved. According to business information platform Qichacha, Beijing Shijiyuefu Food Co. has won bids to supply grain and oil to several universities, including North China University of Science and Technology, University of International Business and Economics, and Peking University. Beijing Shijiyuefu responded on Wednesday, saying that the company uses its own transport vehicles for the relevant oil products and has not yet supplied to Peking University. The announcement came following a public outcry and a media report that some tanker trucks, without being cleaned after transporting coal-derived oil, were then used to transport edible oil.      
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