Jul. 10, 2024
COFCO Group Confirms Authority is Conducting Special Inspection on Oil Tanker Trajectories
TMTPOST – COFCO Group has said that the Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau conducted a special inspection on bulk edible vegetable oil transportation at COFCO Dongguan Grain and Oil Industrial Co., Ltd. on Tuesday evening. This action comes in response to media reports concerning the operating trajectories of coal-based oil tankers. Detailed findings of the inspection will be provided by the authority. The "oil tankers not cleaned before transporting edible oil" incident has sparked widespread public concern. Media reports, based on third-party platform data, have highlighted the trajectories of the involved tankers. The edible oil brand Jinlongyu's factories in Wuhan and Xianyang have been implicated, with the relevant trucks transporting goods from Dongguan to the Xianyang factory, prompting the Dongguan Market Supervision Bureau's intervention.
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